Whether you need a simple general or four point inspection, or whether you require an extensive, tailored inspection process, we can provide full inspection services.  We’re here to educate you about what you’ll need to satisfy the insurance carriers while saving you as much money as possible. Ask me for as few or as many inspection points as you’ll need for your upcoming inspection.

Radon Testing

* The necessity of radon testing: Radon is a naturally occurring gas that’s odorless, and colorless. If it enters your home at elevated levels, then everyone inside your home becomes exposed the cancer-causing radiation that it releases.

Radon is also known to cause respiratory irritation. The more radon that you’re exposed to, the harder time your body will have at fighting its damage.

Radon Mitigation will become necessary to bring the radon down to safe levels.

Wind Mitigation

Required by your insurance carrier. The report covers hurricane viability.

Wind mitigation for coastal residents: Floridians (and other residents of coastal areas) are familiar with wind mitigation reports. Residents of coastal areas contend with hurricanes every year, and your insurance carrier will want to make sure that your home’s structure is able to withstand strong gusts, within reason.

Areas that are inspected during the wind mitigation report are your roof’s covering, it’s deck attachment, the roof’s wall attachment, and the roof’s geometry. Other areas will also be inspected to make sure that everyone inside your home will be safe during a hurricane.

You’ll also need to make sure that your home will be left intact and that it will make a sound insurance coverage risk for your carrier.

Mold Testing

*A note about mold: Mold is naturally-occurring organic matter that helps to decompose objects such as dead animals, plants, and trees. Mold is essential to the life cycle of everything on earth. We even use forms of mold to manufacture and cook our food!

But, like anything else, when mold runs amok, it can cause destruction – especially to your home!

If your home is infested with mold spores, then your family will experience chronic health issues. Also, the structure of your house will be compromised.

Four Point Inspection

Required by your insurance carrier. This covers roofing, electrical, structural and plumbing.

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